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Lead Institution Profile: Centre College

In honor of HERC’s 20 th anniversary, we’re profiling the colleges and universities that serve as HERC’s lead institutions. We’re beginning this series with a bit of Southern hospitality, spotlighting Centre College , the lead institution for the Greater Kentucky HERC region. Centre is a...

Return to Work/Stay at Work Strategies: Retaining in Lieu of Retraining

Millions of people exit the workforce each year after an injury or illness that occurs either on or off the job. In higher education, this has a myriad of implications for not only the employee and family, but also for provision of high quality postsecondary education. This webinar will provide...

 03-19-2020 | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PT

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Leverage Your Search Committees to Advance Diversity - Commentary in Diverse Issues in Higher Education

Diverse Issues in Higher Education recently published the below commentary from @Eddie Freeman and @Ian Reynolds . Eddie is the chair of HERC’s Board of Directors and the Executive Director & Deputy Title IX Coordinator at The University of Texas at Arlington, and Ian serves as HERC’s...

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Ensure inclusive excellence in recruiting with HERC’s new Search Committee Toolkit

Academic institutions have long recognized the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion. A diverse faculty means broader viewpoints a more robust curricula, a richer landscape of research, and broader viewpoints for faculty and students to experience. A commitment to diversity in hiring...