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Membership Milestone: HERC in All 50 States!

By Marcia Silva posted 01-12-2024 09:17:43 AM

We are thrilled to announce HERC’s nationwide expansion, now offering membership in all 50 states! This strategic decision marks a significant milestone in HERC’s journey, opening doors for colleges, universities, and other higher ed across the country to join our community dedicated to fostering an inclusive higher education workforce.  
After conducting an internal assessment of regional health and membership needs, HERC leadership approved the restructuring and expansion of HERC regions to strengthen our member network, expand the institution types in our region, and help us grow sustainably. 
“Transforming HERC into a nationwide organization with members and job opportunities spanning the United States represents a critical step aligned with the organization's strategic roadmap,” said Kari Steele, Co-Executive Director and Director of Operations. “This initiative will help stabilize regional budgets and bolster membership figures, particularly in areas with fewer colleges and universities.”
Below is a summary of regional expansions, refining, and consolidations:
State-Level Expansions
  • Greater Texas HERC expanded to Louisiana
  • Northern California HERC expanded to Nevada
  • Southern California HERC expanded to Hawaii
Regional State Lines Restructuring
  • Central Midwest HERC: All of Nebraska included (previously, only the eastern part of the state was included) and Western Illinois excluded (formerly Illinois was split over three regions)
  • Greater Chicago Midwest HERC and Greater Kentucky HERC: Move all of Indiana to Greater Chicago Midwest HERC (formerly Indiana was split between Greater Chicago Midwest HERC and Greater Kentucky HERC)
Regional Consolidation 
  • Greater Washington State HERC to consolidate with Greater Oregon HERC; the new name is Northwest HERC
Regional Consolidation + Expansion 
  • Greater Kentucky HERC to consolidate with Southeastern HERC and expand to Florida; the new name is Southeast HERC
This initiative also underscores the leadership of our lead and partner institutions. Currently, 13 university and system offices fulfilling these roles: Centre College, Columbia University, East Carolina University, George Mason University, Harvard University, Michigan State University, Minnesota State, Princeton University, San Diego State University, University of Buffalo, University of Houston, The University of Iowa, and University of Washington.
“Our lead and partner institutions serve as regional and national champions of HERC’s mission to cultivate, retain, and support a talented and inclusive workforce,” said Autumn Reed, HERC Governance Board Chair and Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, University of Maryland, Baltimore County.  “It’s essential that we strengthen these relationships to maintain regional leadership and long-term growth.”
By extending membership to all 50 states, HERC aims to create a truly inclusive community, transcending geographical boundaries and providing valuable opportunities for member institutions from coast to coast.

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