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Greater Missouri HERC Now Called South Midwest HERC

By Marcia Silva posted 05-09-2023 09:20:59 AM

South Midwest HERC logo

We are excited to share that the Greater Missouri HERC is expanding to three more states and changing its name to reflect the new expansion. Renamed the South Midwest HERC, the region now includes Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and southern Illinois. This expansion provides opportunities for membership growth, more regional and national member networking and collaborations, increased dual career support, additional thought-leadership opportunities, and more regional programming. 

When launched in 2007, the regional HERC was a collaborative of member institutions working to address the many challenges and opportunities of academic recruitment and retention – challenges that remain pressing more than 15 years later. 
The South Midwest HERC is composed of nearly 160 individuals from 19 member institutions representing a diverse group of public and private colleges and universities, as well as a medical school and research institute. Dr. Saint Rice, Jr., is the chair of the region’s advisory board.
“Growing our region is critical for HERC to reach and assist institutional efforts to reduce barriers and biases in the hiring process,” said Dr. Saint Rice, Jr., Assistant Dean in the Washington University Olin School of Business and Director of Faculty, Staff, and Community Engagement, Washington University in St. Louis. “A diverse higher education workforce enriches the educational experience and is essential for achieving success at all levels - from the institution and its employees to its students.
Help spread the word about South Midwest HERC to your colleague and peers in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and southern Illinois!