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New Resource: HERC Diversity Recruitment Toolkit

By Marcia Silva posted 01-19-2022 12:01:15 PM

Illustration of computer monitor with lines going to individual, diverse job candidates

Is your institution ready to recruit for diversity/diverse candidates? To achieve real gains, your diversity recruitment strategy must be informed by your institution’s broader diversity, equity, and inclusion mission, and integrated into ongoing recruitment activities.

HERC’s new Diversity Recruitment Toolkit includes the Diversity Recruitment Readiness Assessment, which drives decision-making for an inclusive recruitment strategy. The Readiness Assessment looks at six areas that impact and shape your inclusive recruitment efforts:

  • Mission - A visible commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging clarifies goals and establishes accountability.
  • Needs - A comprehensive picture of workforce diversity needs allows you to target your recruitment efforts and interventions.
  • Bottlenecks - Inadvertent bias and inequity in the system and processes reduce full participation of diverse candidates.
  • Culture - An inclusive campus culture allows people from all backgrounds to thrive.
  • Career Advancement - Career pathways and upward mobility bolster retention and reduce recruitment needs.
  • Reputation - Employees are looking for an employer that aligns with their values and where they can thrive.

Best used in a strategic planning session with a cross-section of stakeholders, the Readiness Assessment helps you start critical conversations to clarify institutional needs, identify available resources, and strengthen structural commitment to your diversity recruitment efforts.

The Diversity Recruitment Toolkit also includes targeted outreach and engagement strategies and a cross-section of HERC’s best diversity recruitment resources.

“Recruiting and retaining diverse candidates continues to be important for our members and central to HERC’s mission,” said Jessica Wise, Training and Development Director at HERC. “Our new diversity recruitment readiness toolkit came about because our members want actionable tools to increase the impact and effectiveness of their diversity recruitment efforts.”


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