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Talent Management Trainer or Consultant

Highland Consulting Group Inc. Founder, Roxi Bahar Hewertson, is a national thought leader, certified International Coaching Federation coach, and the author of Lead Like It Matters...Because It Does! and coming this September, Hire Right...Fire Right - A Leader's Guide to FINDING and KEEPING Your Best People.

Peak leadership and peak organizational performance leads to outstanding results. HCG, Inc. offers higher education leaders and campuses Executive Leadership Coaching, award-winning Virtual and Live Leadership Development Programs as well as consulting in systems and culture change, employee engagement, succession planning, coaching and mentoring programs, and much more.

Our team will help you engage and empower the best in you and your people. This is a proven outcome of transformative leadership and organizational effectiveness. Our team will help you chart your course to leave a legacy marked by passion, high achievement, humanity and innovation.

Bottom line...we want you to know everything we know about actualizing your leadership potential and activating it in those around you.