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Matthew McGregor
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Human Resource Software, Background Screening

Safety and security are top priorities for colleges and universities today. Yet, managing risk with a steady flow of students, faculty, contractors, volunteers and visitors streaming onto campus can be challenging. First Advantage can help with comprehensive background screening solutions that fit the unique needs of educational institutions.

Using our proven experience working with higher educational institutions and partners across the country, we deliver targeted background screening tools, integrated technology and specialized guidance to help you keep your school—and its reputation—secure.

Now available to help you get your college or university back open is our Ready2Work and Ready2Volunteer services providing fast results to help you make staffing decisions even faster all while meeting your hiring policies and regulatory requirements.

Access criminal record searches; education, employment, and professional license verifications; global sanction searches; credit checks; fingerprint screening; drug testing and more. First Advantage supports over 35,000 clients worldwide with 26 offices throughout North America, Europe, India and Asia. Our 71+ million international background screens annually cover 200+countries and territories. More information about First Advantage can be accessed at

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