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Gabe Gurman


Human Resource Software, Candidate Screening

Career.Place is a SaaS-based blind candidate screening platform to help organizations hire more effectively and efficiently, without bias, while mitigating compliance risk.

Rather than using resumes and keyword filters, our tech focuses on the job requirements. Employers define what they need using a multi-step funnel (it is your choice what steps you want to use): basic criteria, soft-skill assessments, job scenario/situational questions, and/or audio/video interviewing. Candidates apply for the job anonymously against employer specified requirements (no resume, profile, pic, etc. until the end). The hiring manager won’t know if they are evaluating a man or a woman, or their age, ethnicity, or any other biasing information.

In addition to removing bias and promoting diversity, drives efficiency. Our customers have realized time-to-hire reductions of 50% or more, and resource time reductions of 50% - 80%. Career.Place is also auditable with one-click compliance reporting.