Supporting Our Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Colleagues

When:  Nov 7, 2019 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (PT)
Associated with  Global HERC Community

From the recent ban on transgender troops to an absence of explicit federal anti-discrimination policies, transgender and gender non-conforming employees lack many legal workplace protections. In the face of these discriminatory policies, how can you ensure that your workplace is a safe, welcoming environment for your transgender and gender non-conforming colleagues?

Through this engaging webinar discover how to support applicants and employees of all gender identities and expressions. Review inclusive practices for your recruitment process, from your job posting language to on-campus visits. Receive an overview of best practices in policies, medical benefits, and supporting your employees' transitions. Ultimately, you’ll learn to cultivate a culture that encourages your colleagues to bring their full, authentic selves to work.

Presenter: Ethan Huckel is a passionate and dynamic educator and speaker with over ten years of experience in pedagogy, curriculum design, and instruction, including experience in both secondary and higher education classroom settings. Harnessing his knowledge, experience, and passion, Ethan co-founded Huckel Inclusive, a Diversity & Inclusion consulting company with expertise in LGBTQ inclusion. In this capacity, he provides education and consulting services to educational, for-profit, and governmental institutions. Ethan is a graduate of Western New England University with a master’s degree in English for Teachers. Additionally, Ethan is the Board President at TGI Network of Rhode Island, a local non-profit organization that serves the transgender and gender diverse community with peer support services, educational and community-building events, and advocacy. In this role, Ethan has developed a broad understanding of the lived experience of Rhode Island’s gender diverse population. He has testified before the state legislature, spoken out in the fight for transgender justice and equity, and has been an instrumental part of extending Rhode Island’s network of knowledgeable healthcare providers through the collaborative development of the Rhode Island Trans Health Conference. His current “passion project” is the development of a lending fund for transgender people seeking affordable loans for gender affirming surgeries.