How to navigate the road to diversity and inclusion in today’s technological world

When:  Mar 14, 2019 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (PT)
Associated with  Global HERC Community

The road to ineffective hiring is paved with good intentions but could inadvertently lead in the wrong direction. In the quest to avoid the ‘Oxford Issue’ where everyone looks the same, there are many challenges, pitfalls, and false promises. As much as we would like to believe that there is a technology ‘easy button’ out there that will solve all those problems and allow us to fast-track down the diversity hiring road, it doesn’t exist.

That being said, there are plenty of technologies and solutions, that if implemented and used correctly, can greatly help your institution to hire fairly and equitably, driving diversity and inclusion while maintaining compliance.

During this session, we will explore the rich landscape of hiring technologies and how to navigate to an unbiased, diverse program; from Artificial Intelligence and automated solutions, to assessments, integrations, and applicant workflows, all with the candidate experience in mind. We will define goals, tactics and techniques, for how to evaluate and select technologies and solutions along with insights on how to engage with your institution and management to effect change.


Join us on this journey to effectively select and implement technology to drive a more diverse, inclusive, and compliant hiring process.


Speaker(s) Bios:

In 2016, Melissa Dobbins formed, a solution that removes bias from hiring by shifting the focus from resumes to qualifications.


Removing bias from talent evaluation does more than engaging a wider candidate pool in today’s fierce competition for talent; it drives diversity, efficiency, and compliance. Too many companies attempt to tackle these issues separately, but while bias remains in the selection process, diversity and compliance challenges will persist. Even worse, companies are turning to technology for the ‘easy solution’ just to automate existing biases.


Ms. Dobbins’ company,, tackles bias and the resulting diversity, compliance, and efficiency challenges by removing bias-laden resumes from talent evaluation, replacing them with a solution that combines the best of technology and human touch to objectively measure candidate qualifications. Candidates remain anonymous, enabling fair evaluation and comparison without names, gender, ethnicity, age, or other bias-triggering information.


Career.Place, removing bias one hire at a time.