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Ensure inclusive excellence in recruiting with HERC’s new Search Committee Toolkit

By Erin Burns posted 10-16-2018 01:51:04 PM


Academic institutions have long recognized the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion. A diverse faculty means broader viewpoints a more robust curricula, a richer landscape of research, and broader viewpoints for faculty and students to experience. A commitment to diversity in hiring ensures that the best candidates are not overlooked because of unconscious or structural biases. The hiring committee is an ideal place to lay the foundation for an equitable and inclusive hiring process.

That’s why HERC created a Search Committee Toolkit, a series of short films and accompanying worksheets, to help you attract the most diverse, talented candidates. This toolkit is specifically geared towards higher education employees who, while likely not full-time human resources staff, are likely to be on a search committee, including faculty members, department chairs, deans, and provosts.

With HERC’s Search Committee Toolkit, you will learn how to:

  • Assemble a diverse search committee, which helps minimize unconscious and structural bias;
  • Craft a job description that affirms your institution’s commitment to diversity and inclusion;
  • Actively recruit qualified candidates who may be overlooked through a more “passive” search;
  • Ensure equity through consistent interview questions and structure.

We encourage you to share this resource with any of your colleagues who are on a search committee, and wish you the best of luck in your recruitment efforts!